Sunday, September 14, 2014

Reviving this blog

I largely abandoned posting on this blog towards the end of 2012, with only desultory posting afterwards. I stopped blogging due to some health problems, and also because I needed to focus more on work. I also felt that blogging had become too great a burden on my free time.

Looking back, it was a very bad time to stop blogging: for 2013 turned out to be one of the most historic years in the history of the Church (both universal and local) in the past 500 years, and now I must forever regret not having been able to "cover" it in my own little way. The papal resignation, the excitement in the Philippine Church over the perceived candidacy of Cardinal Tagle for the papacy, the surprise election of Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio SJ to the Papacy under the regnal name of Pope Francis and his unpredictable and astonishing papacy, the earthquakes in Bohol and Cebu and typhoon Yolanda, the beatification of Jose Maria de Manila OFMCap., the end of the Year of Faith, thundered through the year that was. 

Nevertheless, I think I can still redeem this blog. There is still much to chronicle, especially with the upcoming visit of Pope Francis in January next year and the continuing developments in Filipino Catholicism. Hopefully, with today's posts the revival of this blog will be permanent. 

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  1. Welcome back Carlos. I hope to read more of your thoughts here than on Facebook. Blog posts are more "permanent" than FB posts.