Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fresh graduates urged to volunteer for Church work while awaiting employment

From CBCP News:
Unemployed fresh grads urged to work for the Church 
MANILA, March 21, 2012—Administrators of Catholic schools, colleges and universities nationwide are encouraging their graduates to render volunteer work for their parishes while awaiting employment. 
Fr. Gregg Bañaga Jr., CM of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) invited fresh graduates to consider working as a volunteer for the Church especially if they will be unemployed. 
“Volunteering for parish work is a worthwhile activity during the summer break and also while one is still unemployed,” he said. 
Bañaga made the suggestion after government reportedly expects thousands of students to graduate this month as the school year ends. The fresh graduates are unfortunate to add to the growing statistics of unemployed Filipinos due to scarcity of job opportunities. 
Although volunteering for parish work may not be a money-making venture for fresh graduates, it is nevertheless an opportunity to serve the Church especially for Catholic school-raised students, according to Bañaga. 
The priest, who is the president of Adamson University, also encouraged fresh graduates to take some time to rest from schoolwork before getting employed. 
“I advise them to take rest first before looking for jobs. Their vacation can also be a time for them to rest and think more deeply about their plans in life,” he said. 
Earlier, Legazpi Bishop Joel Baylon advised students and graduates to spend some time for spiritual recollection during their summer break so as to have meaningful observance of Lent. 
Baylon, who chairs the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Youth, also invited the young faithful to gather their friends and attend together summer camps and leadership conferences being organized by the parishes near them and youth organizations in their community to make their summer vacation more meaningful. 
“While it is great to be with friends on vacation, it is also fulfilling to be with them in attending summer camps, youth conferences or Bible study classes, which are alternative activities this summer where they can even learn a lot from,” he added. (YouthPinoy)

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